Making Money through Soap making

Have you fallen in love with crafting soap? Have you started making soap for yourself and your family? Have you been giving them away as gifts to friends and relatives for quite sometime now? For now, soap making can just be a hobby for you but it can also be a profitable money making venture! Of course the big question is:

How do I start a soap making business?

Do not stress yourself by starting a big business right away. You can start small and let things take their course. However, you should at least have a business plan that you can follow to start and make your soap making business grow. Here are some guidelines:

Read about it.

Research and read up on the business side of soap making. There are many forums and materials available on the Internet these days. You can also check out books discussing how to make money through soap making. Look for success stories (and even “failure stories”) and find out what they did when they first started out. Learn about the problems they encountered and how they got past it. The information you gather through researching will help you decide whether you are really ready to take this big step or not.

Going part time or full time.

Going into business full-time may take up most of your time and resources. Thus you can decide to start on a part-time basis by working at home and get the feel of the business first before you decide to take that giant step. You can start by making 1 or 2 batches of your soap varieties and start direct selling them to friends and family. With this method you can assess how your business will go and you can start planning for bigger opportunities. When you go for the big time then you will have to plan for a bigger shop space, get your licenses and put in a bigger investment.

Start with a small investment.

You can start small by just making melt and pour or glycerin soaps. No need to buy new equipment because most of the things you will need are available right in your kitchen. Even your ingredients are easily available. Why start with melt and pour or glycerin soaps? Well, aside from the fact they are easy to make, it is not that hazardous to create because you do not need to use lye. You can even start with a line of bath bombs or bath fizzies which take only a few minutes to make.

Develop your own line of soaps.

Make a line of soaps, liquid soaps and bath bombs taking into consideration their scent or purpose. For example, you can create a line of lavender mint soaps from travel-sized soaps to large soaps with matching liquid soap and bath bombs. You can even create a line of soaps for special occasions like a set of Christmas soaps using different molds and in different scents. You can also create a line of moisturizing soaps in different colors and using different essential oils that can all moisturize, soften and sooth the skin. Whatever you do be sure that your products are always of the highest quality.

Create your own signature soaps.

Create your own blend by experimenting on a combination of essential oils at the same time creating your own brand of signature soaps. Ask your friends and relatives which of the soaps you gave away have created an impression on them. From the information you gather, you can experiment until you have created your own blend which will help in giving your soaps a unique identity. Since you are dealing with skin care products, be sure that you have tested them on different types of skin before releasing them in the market.

Creative packaging.

Presentation can make a difference in your business venture. Your customers are usually women, and they get attracted by colorful and beautifully-designed packaging. Take the time to design your own brand of packaging, something that people will identify with your soaps wherever they see it.

Take care of the legalities.

When you are ready to go into big business, be sure to take note of laws and regulations in your area for setting up your kind of business. If you are going into cold or hot methods of soap making, take note of laws regulating the use of hazardous or dangerous chemicals like lye or safety laws for you and your workers. Taking care of the legalities from the very beginning will spare you of any problems with the law in the future.

Going into the business of soap making is really a great way to earn additional income. As long as you have a product with real quality and a good marketing plan then you can surely make lots of money out of it.