4 Interesting Facts About Soap You Didn’t Know

How much do you know about soap? My guess is that you probably only know that it keeps us clean and smelling fresh, but that’s just about it. No worries: lots of people don’t know any more than what you do right now (I used to be one of them), so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

But anyway, if you’re interested in expanding your general knowledge, check out these 4 interesting facts about soap that may or may not surprise you.

And so to get things started, here’s the first fact on our list: it’s believed that the name of soap was derived from Mount Sapo. According to legend, this fictional mountain was the place where the ancient Romans burned animals on altars to serve as sacrifices.

The grease coming from these ashes dripped downwards and mixes with the ashes. Rain water then pushed the mixture of grease and ash all the way down to the Tibet River, where people would wash their clothes. They found that using the mixture for cleaning their laundry made the task much easier, hence naming the cleaning agent “soap”.

2nd on our list of interesting facts about soap is the frequency people used it back in the early 1500’s. Do you know why June weddings were popular during those days? It’s because the majority of the population only took a bath once a year, so women getting married would take a bath (with soap) during May in preparation of the wedding to take place on June.

Furthermore, the wonderfully scented bridal bouquet was actually used to mask the odors emitted by the beautiful bride to be.

3rd item on our list of facts about soap is regarding Ivory soap, which was never meant to float in the first place. The air bubbles inside are what makes it unsinkable, but these bubbles were created due to accidental over mixing. Despite it being unintentional, customers liked the fact that Ivory created something that can stay afloat in bath tubs, so the company decided to leave the finished product as it as it is.

4th and last on our list of intriguing facts about soap is: the “primitive” versions of soap were created by boiling animal fat with ash from wood fire. It’s still unclear which ancient civilization was the first to use the bathing agent, but it’s believed that the Phoenicians were the 1st users – according to Pliny the Elder, this civilization has been using it since 600 B.C.