All About Soap Powders

When we talk about creating soap, we seldom talk about soap powders. Basic soap making has us focusing on tallow, oils, and lye. As we begin experimenting, we often try out easy additives like vegetable butters, wax beads, or exfoliants you can find around the kitchen, like oatmeal. Most soap makers are happy with that. After all, there are so many things that can be done with these ingredients that it can seem like you don't need soap powders at all!

Despite the many different variations that can be done with simple ingredients, there are some soap makers out there that like challenging themselves and like trying out new things. If you're this type of soap maker, then why not try your hand at using some soap powders? These can be herbal powders or grain powders and they can act as exfoliants or colorants in your soap. More importantly, they give your soap some good properties that are wonderful for the skin.

Let's look at a few of these:

Great for milk baths, ginseng powder is wonderful for the skin. It stimulates cell growth and heals minor skin damage. Using it in your soap will give it a reinvigorating property that your customers will surely love!

Licorice has long been used to treat the skin for a variety of problems. This spice makes a wonderful additive to your soap, and it can also be used as a paste for body wraps and other special skin treatments.

Because of its intense color, this powder gives your soap a nice orange hue. You can use the powder directly or make an oil infusion. Either way, your soap will end up with a lovely color and the wonderful benefits of paprika.

A gentle but amazing exfoliant, this grain powder naturally cleanses and smoothens the skin. It works best as a body wrap or body scrub, but it can also be incorporated into a soap. Compatible with sensitive skin, it extracts dirt from the pores while moisturizing as well.

There are plenty of different soap powders for you to choose from. Just check out and find a large selection. Using these powders will open up a whole new world of potential products for your creation. Getting a new ingredient to work with always seems like the soap making process is starting all over again, and perfecting the use of new ingredients just makes you a better soap maker. So try one of these powders today!