Alternatives to A Gentle Soap for the Face

When most people set out to make soap, they are usually making body soap and hand soap. Creating facial soap is something they venture into later on, after these other two types have been mastered.

If you're ready to create a gentle soap for the face, there are several things that need to be considered.

  • Soap is not ideal for the face. The skin on our faces is quite sensitive and need special care. Most actual soaps, by FDA definition, will not be a gentle face soap. What you will have to try to do is create a cleanser.
  • To create facial soap, you will need to create a very gentle soap, such as Castile soap or olive oil soap, as this is great for sensitive skin. You can then turn this into liquid soaps and mix in a few other ingredients to create a gentle liquid soap for your face. A similar thing can be done with milk-based soaps, as these too are mild. Adding some essential oils will help make these liquid soaps better for the face. Tea tree oil is a great example.

Alternatively, you can choose not to make a soap and create an actual cleanser.

One great homemade cleanser you can create is an oil-based cleanser. Mix some castor oil and sunflowerseed oil depending on the type of skin you want to cleanse. The mixtures can be: 30%Castor & 70%Sunflowerseed (oily skin), 20%Castor & 80%Sunflowerseed (normal skin), and 10%Castor & 90%Sunflowerseed (dry skin.) But the oils in a bottle and mix well. To cleanse the skin, rub a bit of the oil onto your face, massaging the skin. Once you've done this for a few minutes, take a wash cloth and dip it in hot water. Place the wash cloth on your face, and let it cool. Then, slowly and gently, towel off your face. You will have to do this with the wash cloth about three times to get all the oil off your face.

Cream-based cleansers are another good option. Mix five tablespoons of sandalwood powder with full cream milk, adding the milk a little bit at a time. What you want to is create a creamy paste. Once made, the paste can be placed onto the face and allowed to sit for about twenty minutes. Like the oil-based cleanser, this should be toweled off with a wash cloth dipped in warm water.

Although these cleansers work well, you won't be able to market them as a gentle soap for the face. It is also unlikely that you will be able to sell them as product, since their expiration dates will be hard to determine.