Bath and Body Soap: Coffee & Shea Butter Scrub

Bath and body soap is a favorite among women, who are always looking for that perfect soap. One that will make them feel luxurious while using it, and will make their skin feel soft, smooth, and well moisturized afterward. Usually, these soaps are rich and creamy and are made with special ingredients. Because of the specialized ingredients, they are quite expensive. However, because the effects on the skin are wonderful, women pay for it anyway.

The good news is making a special bath and body soap at home can help lower the cost of the final product. It is likely to be more expensive that other home made soaps, but it will still be cheaper that if you'd bought the same product in a store. Below is a very simple recipe for a coffee and shea buttre scrub.


1 cup Shea Butter
1/2 tsp. Vitamin E oil
2/3 cup Olive oil
1 cup coffee grounds


  1. Prepare two wide-mouthed glass jars, making sure they are clean.

  2. Warm the Shea butter in a microwave, just enough so it is soft.

  3. Put the Shea butter in an electric mixing bowl, and using the electric mixer, beat the butter till it is creamy. This can take a few minutes.

  4. Add the Olive oil a little at a time, letting the mixer mix it into the butter. You cannot add too much at once or the butter will begin to split apart. You need to keep your creamy consistency. Some like adding the oil through a slow trickle.

  5. Once all the Olive oil has been added, add the Vitamin E oil. Again, allow the mixer to blend these oils in thouroughly.

  6. Add the coffee grounds, again a little at a time. The final consistency is up to you, but you don't want to add too many coffee grounds because it might make the bathing experience less than pleasant.

  7. Once the desired amount of grounds has been incorporated, stop mixing and scoop the butter into the prepared glass jars. Seal the jar that is not to be used right away well. Store in the refrigerator if the butter looks like it will melt.

To use this bath and body soap mixture, rub it gently into the skin while in the bath. Be sure to give an equal amount of attention to each part of the skin. Once finished, wash it off with some warm water, just enough to get the most of the coffee grounds off of you. Pat yourself dry with a towel, leaving the rest of the shea butter and oils on your skin as your moisturizer.

There are plenty of other bath and body soap recipes out there. This recipe alone can be tweaked by changing the exfoliant. You can try the same recipe with sea salt or ground almonds. You can also add scent by adding a spice that you enjoy.