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Soap making videos are gems in the online soap making community. Let's face it, written instructions can get really confusing. Even if you go step by step, the truth is that we all have different ways of describing things, phrasing things, and telling people how to go about doing something. Videos, on the other hand, are like having someone demonstrate right next to you. When you watch a video, you see exactly what's being made and how it should be made.

A good set of soap making videos are always hard to come by. While most soap makers with websites tend to create one video here or there, on this topic or that technique, finding videos that go from the beginning stages of soap making to the more seasoned or expert stages is not something that happens everyday, which is why when it does happen, it's worth writing about! offers a great set of soap making videos. It is actually a full soap making course composed of an eBook, 23 main videos, and 13 bonus videos. Each of the videos are under ten minutes long. This is perfect because it gives you time to watch each one several times as you're actually going through the process of doing what the video is teaching you.

Focused on melt and pour soap making, the structure of the course is excellent. It is very complete, and it's great for anyone just starting to make soap or any soap maker who wants to perfect certain techniques. In fact, the best thing about these videos is that they focus on the various effects soap makers can try on their products. Since effects aren't strictly for the melt and pour process, even those who have graduated to the cold-process and hot-process can use these techniques.

Many of the videos also give veteran soap makers a lot of inspiration on how they can tweak these techniques when it comes to their own projects. Since decorative soap making leaves one with a lot of room for playing around with, these videos are sure to inspire every soap maker's inner creativity!

From basic marbling to creating cameo effects, from packaging to labeling, and all the way up to the legal aspects of soap making, these videos are definitely worth watching! Shona, the course owner, goes through just about everything you need to know while giving you great ideas! She answers emails too, and is always available for her fellow soap makers!

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