Choosing Soaps for Acne-Prone Skin and Dry Skin

Choose the right facial soap for acne-prone skin

Acne and blemishes can be minimized, if not entirely eliminated, by using the right skincare products. If you intend to use them on your face, do not just choose soaps based on their scents or their attractive packaging. You might not want to wake up one morning with bouts of inflammation after using a bar of soap that does not agree with your facial skin.

Here are the three handmade natural soap formulations that are great to use for acne-prone skin.

1. Soaps with clay and charcoal ingredients. The use of clay in facial masks have been proven to clean pores and enhance skin tone for many years. In addition, activated charcoal has the ability to draw the skin impurities which cause blackheads and pimples. Using the detox combination of clay and activated charcoal on your facial bar will do wonders for your acne-ridden complexion. People with oily skin will also benefit greatly from charcoal-clay soaps.

2. Soaps with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil possess both antifungal and antibacterial properties. A handmade natural soap that has tea tree oil may help clear frequent skin inflammation.

3. Soaps with lavender oil. Lavender oil has natural antiseptic properties, so it can be used to fight pimples and acne. If lavender oil is an ingredient in the soap that you are using, then it may help you to control acne and pimples.  

Take note that an acne soap that works for one person may not work for another. Our skin has unique reactions to different soap ingredients. So, experiment with one bar first, and see the results after a few weeks.

Choose the right facial soap for dry skin

Dry skin is exacerbated by the use of wrong types of soaps and excessive skin washing. If you have dry skin, then you must stick to mild soaps that can moisturize your skin. Finding the right soap that works is sometimes not that easy. Here are two suggestions:

1. Olive oil soaps. Handmade natural olive oil soaps are mild, and they can enrich the skin. Dry, itchy skin can benefit from the use of olive oil soaps since olive oil has excellent moisturizing effects. It cleans and softens your skin.

2. Shea butter soaps. Shea butter is great for moisturizing dry skin. It eliminates chafing, too.

3. Chamomile soaps. Chamomile in handmade natural soaps have soothing and moisturizing effects. They might work if you have persistently dry skin.

For more information on making and selling homemade soap, visit the blog and excellent resource site, The Soap Sister.