Five Great Rice Bran Benefits

When was the last time you visited the rice section in your supermarket? Did you notice that there are about three different colors of rice? Most supermarkets will have red, brown, and white rice. Ever wonder what makes these kinds different?

When rice is milled, the outer layers of the grain are removed. Often, it is removed till you have nothing left but the white grains, which have been stripped of all of its bran or outer layers. Some people prefer rice with a bit of bran, though, which is why we have those two other colors. Brown rice and red rice have basically been allowed to keep some of its bran, meaning they haven’t been milled completely.

The reason why some people prefer colored rice is because of rice bran benefits. These extra layers, which make brown rice somewhat nutty or crunchy, contains 60% of the nutrients found in the grain. When you eat white rice, you are actually eating (from a health food standpoint) an inferior product. Brown rice and red rice are much healthier.

Japanese women (who mostly eat white rice) have been using rice bran in their beauty products for centuries. Long ago, they recognized that these outer layers contain a significant amount of nutrients that can be utilized for skin care. It is one of their beauty secrets.

Let’s look at some of the rice bran benefits in terms of skin care, and why this ingredient is great for soap.

1) Full of antioxidants

As mentioned earlier, rice bran contains 60% of the nutrients found in rice. It is full of antioxidants, which is great for the body both inside and out. It can eliminate free radicals, which our skin is so exposed to these days.

2) Prevents wrinkles and corrects blemishes

Because it is full of antioxidants, rice bran can help reverse the signs of skin aging or at least hold off its effects. It will help prevent wrinkles and it can correct skin pigmentation, lightening dark spots, such as the kind we get from sun exposure.

3) Balances the skin’s natural oils

The composition of rice bran makes it so that it can absorb excess oil and dirt from your skin. However, it doesn’t absorb so much oil that it leaves your skin dry. Instead, it helps your skin regulate its natural oil production.

4) Vitamin E

One of the greatest moisturizers there is, rice bran contains high amounts of Vitamin E, which will help lock in your skin’s natural oils, while also giving it extra hydration and keeping it supple.

5) Strengthens skin’s cellular structure

Promoting the skin’s cellular structure and promoting the production of collagen in order to increase skin elasticity is just another one of the rice bran benefits your skin can enjoy. When your skin’s cells are healthy, your skin is healthy, and it will glow!

When you make soap or other beauty products with rice bran, you are tapping into the many rice bran benefits out there. These are just a few of the benefits. There are actually many more! Begin making beauty products with this super ingredient today and see its wonderful effects. Rice bran is especially effective when used as a facial mask or as a body scrub.