Home Made Bath Products: Bath Gel

Some soap making beginners tend to complain or feel disheartened when they realize that the products they are creating aren't quite like commercial products. It's a lesson all those who make home made bath products soon learn, and that is that their products will never have the same qualities as commercial products, which are made in large batches and with different chemicals from what you can use at home. However, home made bath products are often better than any commercial product out there.

One product you can make at home, which might not seem as effective but is likely to be just as good or even better is bath gel. This product is quite easy to make, and it can actually be made in two ways.

The first way is by buying a gel bath base. A Shea Butter Bubble Bath is one great base that you can add essential oils and fragrance oils to and then immediately start using in the bath tub! You can play around with different oils to create a variety of products. Since you used a bubble bath base, you will be able to build a good lather with your products.

The second way is to use unscented baby shampoo, which is mild enough for anyone's skin. To create the bath gel, mix 3/4 of a cup of distilled water with 3/4 a teaspoon of salt. Then, prepare 1 cup of this shampoo and slowly mix in the salt-water mixture till you achieve a gel like consistency. Add fragrance oils or essential oils. Be careful that you don't overdo the scent! Just like the first option, you can play around with the different oils to create a selection for your clients. Keep in mind, however, that this mixture might not bubble the same way other bubble bath gels will, but it will be an effective cleanser just the same! You can use it with a douche.

Bath gels are so easy to tweak. Since they are liquid, you can add wax seeds, fruit seeds, powders, and lots of different types of exfoliants to your products. These often look very pretty in the final product because the particles are suspended in the gel liquid. If you create this kind of product, be sure you store them in clear bottles so that customers can see the suspended particles.

If you are selling your home made bath products and are worried about how they will compare to other commercial products, simply indicate what your product can do on the label. If it isn't a product that builds a good lather, say so. That way people won't expect properties that aren't there. At the same time, highlight what the product can do and how it benefits the skin. When compared to mass-produced commercial products, customers can easily see how your home made item is much better for them in the long run.