Homemade Natural Soap: All About Strawberry Soap

Eating strawberries on a regular basis can reap tons of benefits for its users. This delicious fruit is jam-packed with essential nutrients. Pop it into a blender with the right ingredients and you end up with a luscious smoothie that retains all of the health benefits the fruit has to offer.

But aside from eating or drinking it, did you know that strawberries can actually be used as an ingredient for homemade natural soap? And that it is possible to preserve all of the nutrition it has in each bar?

But before get into a discussion regarding the soap making process, let’s take a quick view of the health benefits that can be derived from strawberries. First off, it’s an excellent source of antioxidants, which is why experts say that consistently consuming the red fruit lowers your chances of developing cancer and other chronic diseases.

This fruit has an abundance of vitamin C, K, B1, B5, folic acid, and iodine – common sense will tell you that constant intake of these nutrients will definitely give you a substantial boost in your overall health.

Having said all that, let’s talk about how strawberries can be used in the creation of homemade natural soap. The 1st thing you need to know is that the entire fruit itself is not mashed up and tossed into the blend, but the makers only take and use the extract and seeds instead.

Commercial companies manufacture this particular type of product, but the problem is most of them implement the “hot process” is creating this kind of soap. That means there’s a phase where constant high temperatures are involved; in turn eliminating most of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients the fruit has to offer.

The best type of natural strawberry soap undergoes the cold process, where there’s no high heat involved, therefore retaining all of the fruit’s health benefits in solid form. The cold process has also been shown to make soaps that can lock in nutritional value for several months.

Using this bathing agent is naturally good for your skin. The nutrients we discussed earlier are kept intact inside, so whenever using this specific type of homemade natural soap, your skin absorbs a lot of those nutrients. Many users of this product have said that it gives numerous skin benefits, such as healthier and softer skin, as well as becoming less prone to skin diseases such as acne.