How To Make Chocolate Mint Soap

Do you love eating chocolate so much that you sometimes feel the urge for bathing in it? Well that sick and twisted secret fantasy of yours can be materialized. I’m not saying you melt loads of chocolates, put it in a hot tub and soak in for hours; I’m merely suggesting that you try this chocolate mint soap recipe I’ve found for you.

If you’re interested in fulfilling that super cool dream of yours, here’s a list of the ingredients you’re going to need to make it happen: 340 grams worth of soap base, 340 grams of olive oil, 225 grams of cocoa butter, 110 grams of cocoa, a tablespoon of dried mint leaves and finally 12 drops of mint oil.

So now that you’ve gathered all of the ingredients needed for this “tasty” (do not attempt to eat) chocolate mint soap recipe, the first thing you need to do is slice the soap base into small chunks, preferably into 1 x 1 inch squares, and toss them into a microwavable bowl. It’s important that you cover it with cling wrap, otherwise you risk losing too much moisture.

But anyhow, let the base melt in there for about 70 seconds before taking it out. Let it rest of about 20 seconds before placing in the cocoa butter, cocoa, dried mint leaves and mint oil. After swirling it around for about 20 more seconds, put in the olive oil.

Usually it’s alright to put the olive oil in along with the rest of the constituents of this chocolate mint soap recipe right away, but there have been some people complaining about the oil rising to the surface, in which they believed was caused by the heat. So it’s best to wait a little longer before adding the ingredient.

Once you’ve blended everything pretty well, all you have to do now is place it in a mold of your choice. Basically, you can choose to use anything that can hold liquid to give it a desired shape, such as a round muffin tray, a square container, or whatever.

Next, you take a towel and use it to cover the mold, and place it in some ventilated area. Let it sit there for the night to harden. By the next morning, it should be fully solidified. Pop it out of its mold, and that’s all there is to the chocolate mint soap recipe. You can use a knife to reshape it if you like, slice it into smaller pieces, put your name on it, or whatever you want. Just make sure to enjoy using your finished product afterwards.