How To Make Fight Club Soap

Have you seen the movie Fight Club, starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton? Well if you didn’t, the 1999 film was basically about a couple of guys starting an underground fighting club, and making plus selling soap to finance their operations.

What I’m going to show you here in this very article is how to make fight club soap, using the closest matching ingredients so it resembles the ones they made in the motion picture. Ready? Well if you are, check out the constituents below.

First, you’re going to need the following: olive oil, distilled water, lemon scent, cocoa butter (great substitute for the fat they stole from the liposuction clinic in the movie), pink dye and lye. Important reminder: always use gloves and safety goggles when handling lye, since it can cause blindness when it comes in contact with the eyes, or cause severe burns when it comes in contact with the skin. Never attempt to handle this unless supervised by an adult.

But anyway, the first step you need to take for creating fight club soap is take 18 ounces of the lye and mix it with 5 cups of distilled water in a stainless steel pot (never ever use aluminum, since it reacts dangerously with lye). Make sure to mix it around gently using a rubber spatula and keep a safe distance while at it, coz the mixture will get really hot and release fumes as well.

Once that’s over with, the next step for making fight club soap is to allow the blend to cool down at normal room temperature. While waiting for that to happen, begin heating 20 cups of olive oil, 3 cups of cocoa butter and pink dye to somewhere around 100°F in another large pot, then remove it from whatever it is you’re using to heat the pot.

Next, take the lye solution and pour it into the pot of the other constituents, and begin mixing thoroughly. As you swirl it around slowly, put in the lemon scent. Afterwards, keeps stirring until you get a pudding-like fusion in the end, and place it into the molds of your choice. Keep in mind it has to be pretty big as well in order to accommodate the size of the blend.

Once it dries, remove it from the mold and cut it into whatever manly shapes you can think of. Lastly, place it in a dry place free from humidity and let it sit there for a month. This formulation renders 9 pounds worth of fight club soap, and is guaranteed to keep you clean and smelling fresh after sparring sessions.