How To Make Green Tea Soap

If you believe that the ingredients companies use for manufacturing commercial soap isn’t good quality, or they’re anything but what they say it to be, then maybe you should consider making your own. This way you get to select the ingredients YOU want to include in it, unlike the junk other companies like to use.

One variation of this bathing product that you could manufacture on your own is green tea soap – don’t worry, there isn’t anything overly complex when it comes to manufacturing this kind of cleaning agent, and the ingredients are easy to acquire.

So first and foremost, you’re going to have to gather the necessary materials needed for the creation of the product, with the most important being the matcha powder – this is actually the same green tea powder that’s utilized during Japanese tea ceremonies. Now, this should be fairly easy to purchase locally, but if you’re stumped as to where to get such an ingredient, you can always order it online.

Next item you’ll need is a couple bars of glycerin soap, which can be obtained from pharmacies everywhere. As for the scent of the finished product, that’d depend entirely on which essential or fragrance oils you choose to place into it. Last set of supplies needed for making green tea soap is a microwave, mini loaf pan, knife, and a measuring cup.

And so for the 1st step, take the glycerin soap, slice it into small squares (rectangles, heart shapes, or whatever you want) and place it into the measuring cup. Doesn’t really matter what shape you pick, coz you’re going to be melting it using the microwave anyway. Once that’s done, take 1 and a half’s worth of the matcha powder, and toss it into the measuring cup. Next step is to drop a couple of drops of the fragrance or essential oils, mix them all together thoroughly, and pour them all into the mini loaf pan.

You then allow the green tea soap to harden under normal room temperature for 3 hours. When the time frame is over, pop it into the freezer, and let it sit there for 20 minutes. Afterwards, take it out of the freezer, and allow it to “thaw” or just sit on your table for 15 minutes. Lastly, take it out of the pan, and you’re done.

See? Making green tea soap isn’t hard at all. It isn’t even expensive, nor does it require you to invest excessive amounts of time for the creation of it. There are of course other ingredients you can place into the mixture to make the finished product even better – it’s just a matter of you being creative with your selection.