Making Your Own Wood Soap

When people hear the word soap, they often think about bath products, detergent or the liquid formula used for cleaning dishes. Beyond that, most people can't imagine using soap on anything else. The truth is, however, soap has many different uses around the home. It is one of the best cleaning agents you will ever find for the both the items in your home and the materials used to build your home. One example is wood soap, which is excellent at cleaning hardwood floors and doors.

Yes. It may be hard to believe, but soap can be good for washing wooden floors. In fact, there are several companies that specialize in making wood soap! Usually, it is an oil based soap solution. It has to be oil based because oil can be good for moisturizing wood. Wood can dry out from weather conditions so keeping it well moisturized is important because this will prevent cracking and prolong the life of the wood.

Wood soap is available for purchase in some specialty stores or online. However, if you are a soap maker, chances are that you want to try and make your own version of this soap. It is very easy to do. Most of the ingredients you will already have.


1/8 cup soap bits from a very oily soap
1/2 cup lemon juice
1/2 cup lemon tea
1 1/2 gallons warm water


  1. Mix the ingredients together in a bucket. Make sure the soap bits dissolve in the warm water.

  2. Use within the day.

You can use a mop to spread this liquid mixture all over your wood floors. It will clean away any waxy build up, and it will also give your wood a clean smell, while moisturizing it. It is important that you get a rather oily soap because you want to make sure the wood doesn't dry out with the water. After mopping your floor with this mixture, take a dry mop and mop the floor till it's dry. Remember to use this mixture on finished wood only.

Though wood soap is great for cleaning wooden surfaces, try not to clean your furniture with wood soap. Furniture is often treated differently and it might not respond to the soap the same way floors will. If you want to clean your furniture, use a furniture cleaner, or a good wood oil, such as lemon oil. This will help take the dirt or grime from your furniture, as well as keep it well moisturized, keeping the furniture look beautiful.