The 4 Antibacterial Soap Dangers That You May Not Know

You and I both know the importance of staying germ-free. That’s why we do whatever we can to keep clean, by using the right kind of soap when bathing. The truth is, regular soap does get rid of the dirt and bacteria on our skin just as good as the antibacterial soap circulating the market. There’s really no need whatsoever for you to be using products that contain triclosan, for a handful of important reasons.

There have been reports on antibacterial soap dangers in the past, and several media networks have urged the public to stop using these hazardous goods. With that said, I’m going to be showing you 4 reasons why you need to discontinue using soap of this type, and the 1st one is: its triclosan content, that when combined with chlorinated tap water or exposed to sunlight, forms dioxins.

Dioxins are harmful pollutants, and are usually formed as byproducts of industrial processes (or you bathing with items enriched with triclosan). The toxins may have several negative effects on the human body, such as causing the development of infertility to develop.

2nd on the list of antibacterial soap dangers is the threat it poses to the Mother Nature. The triclosan is flushed down the drainage when you take a bath, therefore making its way to the outside world, getting exposed to the sun, and turning into dioxins. These can easily seep into bodies of water such like rivers, therefore having bad impacts on our wildlife, such as fish and other aquatic life forms.

3rd item on our compilation of antibacterial soap dangers is the possibility of making parasites stronger. The antibiotic properties used in this type of soap work the same way the antibiotics prescribed to you by doctors’ work. There’s good reason why they limit the dosage of parasite killing medicine. In case you didn’t know, it’s so that the germs they’re trying to kill doesn’t build immunity to the medication.

So every time you lather yourself up with the antibacterial soap, you’re actually doing the destructive microorganisms a favor, and perhaps contributing to the creation of something similar to a superbug.

4th and last on our list of antibacterial soap dangers is the fact that it places its users under the false pretense that they’re protected from all sorts of infections. Research has shown that this particular bathing companion can kill bacteria, but not the spread of viral infections such as flus and colds.