Tricks to Making Scented Soap

Some of the best soaps in the world are scented soaps. Scents can add to the overall appeal of a soap. It can make you feel like you're bathing in a garden of flowers, or it can make you feel like you are in some exotic land. Through the many years people have been making soap, they have come up with several ways to create scented soap. These techniques have been perfected to a certain extent, but they are also still developing as soap making itself develops!

Here are four ways to create scented soap. The first two presented are the most common, and the next two are not as popular, but can produce some really interesting soaps,

Adding Fragrance Oil

Fragrance oils are perhaps the most popular method for creating scented soap. These oils are synthetic or man made. This means that the number of fragrances are limitless because chemists can literally create any scent in the laboratory. Of course they stick to pleasing scents, such as fruit, flowers, and plants. Fragrance oils are steeped in alcohol which means they evaporate rather quickly, and their scent can go with them.

Adding Essential Oil

Essential oils are natural oils. This is the second most popular way to give scent to a soap. Unlike fragrance oils, essential oils can add more than just scent. They can also affect the properties of the soap, giving it therapeutic and healing values. Being more potent, the scent of essential oils last longer. They also have a longer shelf life. However, both these factors make essential oils more expensive.

Adding Spices

Walking into your kitchen is one of the best ways to add scent to a soap. You can add spices like cinnamon or nutmeg to your soap, or you can add the zest of a lemon or an orange. Likewise, certain aromatic herbs, like basil can also give your soap an interesting smell. While this is a great natural way to give your soap some fragrance, keep in mind that the final product will have a short shelf life because the ingredients you use can expire.

Adding Tea

Tea is one unique way to add both scent and color to your soap. You have to choose a fragrant tea and make a very strong brew with distilled water. This tea now replaces the water in your soap making recipe. It is important to use distilled water because you need to avoid the addition of minerals (found in regular water) to your soap mixture. If you don't use distilled water, there is a chance your final product will form ash on top. This doesn't ruin the soap, but you will need to remove it before you use it.

When it comes to scented soap, feel free to experiment! For as long as it smells great, someone is likely to buy it!