Why You Should Choose Handmade Soaps

Commercial soaps, processed and produced in large batches, are inexpensive and are available everywhere. Why should you choose the more expensive handmade soap over that popular bar you see continuously being advertised on television?

1. Handmade soaps are made from high-quality ingredients. Handmade soaps are not your average soap bars that are loaded with synthetic preservatives and potentially skin-irritating surfactants. Even the expensive varieties and the heavily advertised commercial soap brands are no match to a carefully made bar of handmade soap that has specialty, hand-selected ingredients. 

2. The production of handmade soap is better for the environment than the mass-production of commercial bars. Large soap-making machines churn wastes, such as petrochemical byproducts, which are detrimental to the environment. Handmade soaps, on the other hand, are produced in small batches. Moreover, the makers of handmade soaps are environmentally-conscious folks who use minimal or recycled packaging. Compare the packaging of a commercial bar (complete with glittery and embossed letterings) to a simple recycled-paper covering of a handmade bar. When you use handmade products, they leave no harmful residues. As for the ingredients used to make handmade bars, they are usually organically sourced. Small family-owned companies are even known to raise their own goats as a source for goat’s milk to go into their soaps. 

3. The natural glycerin stays intact in handmade soaps. What you get from your commercial bar is usually a barrage of preservatives, dyes, and detergents on top of the glycerin component. Glycerin is the moisturizing agent in your soap. It is valuable, and commercial soaps contain only a small amount of it. That means, each handmade bar that you purchase goes a long way towards benefiting your skin. 

4. Many handmade soaps do not require or do not include preservatives like tetrasodium EDTA. This chemical is a known carcinogen, and it is not something that you may want to lather with while you are taking a bath. Tetrasodium EDTA can break down the protective barrier that’s naturally present in the skin, thus it goes right into the bloodstream. Each time you invest in a handmade soap bar, you save the environment and you “save your skin.”  

Goat milk makes an excellent ingredient for handmade soaps. To know more about goat milk, visit Everything Goat Milk