A Recipe for Coffee Soap Scrub

Coffee is one of those things that seems to be universally loved. Either the tastes, the colors, or the smells, there is something about coffee that makes it appeal to just about everyone. It wasn't a surprise then that when coffee was discovered to have properties good for the skin, did soap makers jump on the bean wagon and begin creating their various versions of coffee soap.

At first people were more focused on the colors and smells of the coffee, and incorporating these into their products. However, coffee scrubs became very popular as well, leading people to create coffee soap that contained coffee granules so that in would have some of the exfoliating properties one would find in a coffee scrub.

Try out this recipe for coffee soap and find out the wonderful things a coffee soap can do.


  • 1 bar clear glycerine soap
  • 2 tsp. of coffee beans (finely ground)
  • 1 tsp. powdered milk
  • 3-4 drops vanilla fragrance oil

  1. Shred your glycerine soap bar and place the shreds (some like chunks) in a double boiler. Melt you soap bar. Remove from heat.

  2. Add the powdered milk and stir till you have an even consistency.

  3. Add the coffee and stir, making sure the bits of coffee are evenly distributed.

  4. Put in the drops of fragrance oil, and give the soap one last stir.

  5. Pour the soap into molds and allow to harden. Afterwards your soap is ready for use!

Coffee on its own has vasorestrictive properties. As a soap or scrub, it is known to be able to lift energy or moods as well as soothe. The scrubs serve as a natural and excellent exfoliator, and some say are able to help women shed some cellulite! How many other soaps can boat that quality?!

For the recipe above, experiment by using coarsely ground coffee and see if this adds to the exfoliant property of the end product. Once you are comfortable with this recipe for coffee soap, try out a cold process or hot process recipe in order to give you more freedom over your soap!