A Recipe for Luxury Soaps

Most luxury soaps use natural ingredients and expensive soap making oils. This is because the best of ingredients can definitely make the best luxury soaps. However, you do pay the price. Luxury soaps are always priced expensively, and even more so if they are handmade due to the care and extra effort that goes into the creation of these products. If you have been soap making for a while, though, you should know that it can be much cheaper to simply make the luxury soaps yourself!

Try out this recipe for great luxury soaps

  1. Take your grated carrots and place them in a glass jar.

  2. Heat the olive oil in a pan. You may want to add a few extra grams of olive oil since the carrots are likely to soak up some of the oil.

  3. Once the oil is hot (slightly bubbling), pour it into the glass jar with the carrots at the bottom. Allow the oil to cool slightly before sealing the jar. Leave the jar with carrots for a full day.

  4. When your carrot infused olive oil is ready, you are ready to make your soap.

  5. Mix the lye with the distilled water, making sure you dissolve all the crystals. Set aside.

  6. Place the cocoa butter and Shea butter in a pot and turn on the stove to a low-medium heat.

  7. Measure out your palm oil, and measure out 360 grams of the carrot infused olive oil. Do not add any carrot bits. Add these oils to the mixture in your pot

  8. Stir the mixture well, allowing it to heat up together as you mix. Then take the pot off the flame.

  9. Wait for both the lye mixture and the oil and butter mixture to be of equal temperatures at 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit.

  10. Once you have equal temperatures, slowly pour the lye mixture into the oil and butter mixture while constantly whisking the butter and oil mixture. Make sure you maintain a steady whisking motion, while maintaining a steady stream of lye mixture.

  11. Once all of the lye mixture has been poured into the oil and butter mixture, continue whisking till the mixture thickens and trace is achieved.

  12. When trace is achieved, pour your mixture into soap molds then wrap the soap molds in towels.

  13. Wait 24 hours for the soap to harden and ready to be removed from the molds. Once removed, give the soap 3 to 4 weeks to cure before using.