Alvaini's Review of The Super Soap Making Book!

Have you mastered your long-time hobbies? Are you looking for something new and interesting to do? Maybe, you want a new, fun, easy hobby that you can do with kids or on your own that doesn’t include a lot of complicated steps or start-up costs? Pick up Sandy Simmons book, The Super Soap Making Book: A Beginner’s Guide to Soapmaking, and take a peek into soap making. Though I have been making melt-and-pour glyercin soaps the past three years, I have learned a lot of new techniques, including how to make liquid soap, from her handy guidebook.

There are different kinds of soapmaking- some that require lye, and those that do not. If you’re looking for the simplest method, start with melt-and-pour or rebatching. Sandy shares a lot of great techniques, methods and recipes on soap creations that can be made by soap users of all ages. Information on equipment requirements for the making of soap and safety surrounding the different kinds of soap making has been arranged into handy grids for easy comparing and contrasting. Suppose you want to start with melt-and-pour and want to graduate into cold process- the simple to follow grids and instructions will help you sort through wondering if you need a whole new arsenal of equipment to move from one type of soap making to another and if that’s the right option for you.

I resonated with the sections on melt-and-pour and rebatching because I am a bit experienced in these methods. Though I have been doing it for some time, Sandy’s teachings have exposed me to some new ideas and approaches that I haven’t thought of before. I am a bit eager to try some new things such as “paper soap” and crafting and shaping soap with my own hands. Her section on trouble shooting also posed some problems from different angles and answered some of the questions I had yet to uncover the answers to- including why melt-and-pour soap has bubbles in the batch, how to avoid burning soap mixtures and why soaps are too oily or can’t be released from the molds.

I, however, have not tried the cold-process method with lye. Sandy’s teachings have warmed me to the idea, and have actually alleviated some of my fears about using lye, but I am not yet ready to jump to that side of soap making yet. However, after you read her book, you may be ready to not only try all the methods but jump into a home-based small-scale business making soap. If so, her book will offer a wonderful section dedicated to financing and budgeting for a business in soapmaking including how to market yourself, your soaps and even how to create good relations with others in the field to network and get your message out. I was most impressed about the budgeting examples Sandy shares. I have read a handful of other soap making books over the past three years, including well-known ones I purchased from Barnes and Noble and others recommended to me by people in the soap making business for years, but Sandy’s book offers more advice and detail on how to calculate expenses to avoid selling yourself short. Craft businesses are not easy because they are labor intensive and generally people do not want to pay a lot of money for the end product, Sandy shares the practical sides of these issues and doesn’t gloss over it and make it seem like a get-rich-quick scheme. I appreciate the balanced and realistic approach she offers, it’s quite refreshing.

The many sides of soapmaking and it’s wonders can fill volumes and leave the learners curious for clarification. I am impressed how Sandy has arranged information that previously I have found in various sources into one compact and easy-to-read handbook. It’s not only easy to read and understand, but it’s engaging, fun and full of important and relevant information to soap makers of different kinds and skill levels. In fact, I am sure I am missing sharing a gem or two with you in this review because each page has an amazing gem- and to share all them, I’d need to reprint the entire book in this review. No kidding! Thanks for sharing your talents with us, Sandy.

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