Soap Making Machines


Soap making is one of those hobbies that are fun, interesting, and useful all at the same time. It allows you to express creativity in design, experiment with mixtures, and have soap you can use around your home or to give away as presents. However, because soap making does require some “cooking” type procedures, you will need equipment or soap making machines.

If you're just starting out, you can always use some old kitchen equipment from your home. To make soap at home, you will need the following “soap making machines:”

  • beakers

  • large pyrex bowl

  • large pyrex pitcher

  • rubber gloves

  • weighing scale

  • spatulas

  • soap molds

  • stainless steel pitcher with a lid

  • stainless steel spoon

  • stainless steel pot

  • stainless steel spoons and whisks

  • stainless steel ladle

  • stick blender

These common household items can be used to create your first few batches of soap. Though these batches will be relatively small. You should be able to make great quality soaps (given the right ingredients) with this equipment.

However, if you want to take your hobby more seriously, and if you want to produce soap on a larger scale, you can invest in some soap making machines, equipment specially designed for soap making. Many soap making machines are industrial sized or are for commercial scale production of soap, but there are some soap making machines that are smaller and are designed for the serious hobbyist or the small scale producer.

Investing in soap making machines can be costly so be sure that you are serious about your hobby or about going into the soap making business. It is best to weigh out your pros and cons and read texts that tell you how to start a soap making business. Remember that you don't have to buy a complete set of machinery. You can buy slowly, investing in the equipment that you really need first. Usually what you'll need first are lye tanks, oil/wax melters, and soap pots.

Here is a list of soap making machines specifically designed for soap making:

  • bath bomb presses

  • bottling equipment

  • hoist systems

  • label printers

  • lye tank

  • oil/wax melters a.k.a. Heaters

  • scales

  • soap cutter (there are several types)

  • soap pot tipper

  • soap pot whipper

  • soap stamper

  • soap shaper

  • soap molds (there are many types, and some very large ones for mass production)

  • soap drying trays

  • soap mixers

Some of these soap making machines can be found in hardware stores or specialty stores, but all of them are available online. There are several websites that allow you to order soap making machines, and the companies deliver them to your home. Looking online also gives you a chance to look at several machines at one time and what features each one has. Try looking for package deals in which several machines (usually the designs are one or two years old but the machine itself is brand new) are sold as one item!